Something About Stars

by Effigy

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about or isn't.


released April 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Effigy Parkersburg, West Virginia

One day through some random bits of emotional turmoil and self-discovery, a regular dude from West Virginia decided to make "albums" about these moments in time. Each of said "albums" has to do with the people in question that brought him to that point. However, this project has now gone from one man to a band. Drawing upon their musical backgrounds and passions in life, Effigy is created. ... more

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Track Name: Then It Burns
could I be another notch
another stop before you start again
I'd be lying if I said I mind it
but then again I never thought
time has broken down
throw my head into the ground tonight
that will keep reminding me
that I'm nowhere close to you

and then it burns, burns, burns
set this world ablaze tonight
the fire of your denial
makes me even stronger
and my soul it takes a turn at once
all of my desire wrapped up in you

feels so good to pretend it's real
but your love was not mine to feel
is it best to live with never knowing
or face the truth and feel your death
the scene is set for both of these
called to action i simply freeze
i'd rather wrap myself up in a dream
than let reality wash over me
Track Name: Sweet Abyss
fallin into your sweet abyss again
no light, no worry
don't question where i've been
torn apart tonight
this emptiness is fuel
i've got more in store for you
taking chances on this
seal it with a kiss for two

i can't try
to run and hide
my soul is alive
for you
every night
in my sights
future burns so bright
with you

feel the void
as the night becomes my home
smoky rooms and
the sins of old
skin like cream
together in a dream
so tangled as we are
the wicked web we weave
lie to me
so i can put myself to sleep
i need all of you
to make my life complete

i can't have you
just can't get through
see what i'll do
to help you see the...
Track Name: Fragile Seams
lately you are all I need
open eyes that failed to see
rip apart these fragile seems
into another fantasy
devils tongue you speak to me
youth returns begin to breathe
an open wound begins to bleed
no one else can hear me scream

all that I have left
is sitting in your hands
paralyzed by everything
can you prove me wrong
like a slow, slow death
i dread reality
of never really knowing you
to never feel your love

past is not unknown to me
every night I still believe
looked at what I'd hope we'd be
love and lunacy you see
intentions hopeful when misread
good or bad was never said
racing hearts against the dead
inside of you i know it twirls
now i know this aching world.

come with the pain
it's all the same
i know your name
and you're to blame

i should be angry with you
considering the things you do
but deep inside i'll always know
it starts again and here we go
Track Name: In These Little Moments
making sense of something
that never was expected
how my heart is breaking
haunted by the ghosts of my youth
there you are just standing
unnerving me in spades
shining like the sun
giving your life and your love

will you ever hear me
could never try to describe this feeling
world is now against me
oh god babe, you got me reeling

in these little moments
i wonder where you are
nothing could be fair here
wishing only takes you so far
so i'll just hold you closer
than anyone could get
might be my undoing
your eyes i will never forget.
Track Name: Remember When
your act is so predictable
should have seen it coming
i cried once, i'll cry a million times
and that's not the worst of it
you tell me that it hurts you
where's the evidence my dear
drive out this heart of doubt
could not erase the fear
of never holding you again
never taste your lips again
falling to the back i will
become less to you my friend

take me
and shape me
destroy me
make me
then break me
forget me

hope you find the love
the one you're looking for
maybe i felt more than you could give
but now that precious gift is gone
we spoke so freely then
can you remember when?
another man might never see
the light that burns in you for me

i want to
feel it all
don't leave me
holding on
Track Name: Make It True
shouldn't be so stupid
another bad decision
imagine just how quickly
things can change
when all i ever wanted
was your arms around me
all these memories come
they come to mind so clearly
but here i sit alone
i'm nothing without you
you make it amazing
step into me

fight for you, die for you
i would
now listen
make it true, these dreams of you
for me

fell asleep with something
in my head again
waking up uncertain
full of dread
about how you are feeling
and your heart's desire
it was never easy
standing next to fire
take my hands babe
and feel yourself at ease
i will never leave you
just wait and see

(i can't tell you... what I want to)
Track Name: So It Seems
i couldn't find you
not when i need to baby
what good could i do
tell me what is true now maybe

and so it seems
you only exist in dreams
what did you mean
told me to never leave

days passing by you
time is what you say will heal me
all that i've been through
you're still the one i want beside me

all i am tonight
i know this heart is right
these stars will just collide